fullips Lip Enhancer!


fillips plumper’s are so cool! Buy them here in the DiscoverBeauty shop. I first saw the enhancer at the end of last year when Instagram sensation Chelsea Clarke showed me. It now seems to have hit the UK with a storm and they are selling out as they hit the shops. Who wouldn’t want to try fuller lips without surgery, injections or chemicals… I’ve been having fun with it – check out the results!

It is so quick and easy to use and the results last anything from 1 – 4 hours (the creators have had feedback of 6-8 hours too) – addictive! My favourite is the Large Round Enhancer as it plumps both lips at the same time giving them an equal fullness. When testing it I definitely didn’t go for the ‘full Kylie Jenner’ look… Trying to keep it subtly sexy ;)

After my first few attempts (and a lot of laughing from my hubby) I got the hang of it and the results were great, I love using a nude/natural lipstick after the plumping for a day to day look. Looking into the US brand it was originally aimed at a slightly older market to boost confidence when lips naturally start to thin in life, my top lip has definitely shrunk which is where I saw the best results. I think if injections are on your list for the future try these first to get a good idea of what the result may be.

Karen x



fullips is being tried and tested by thousands of celebrity Make-up Artists

and bloggers through-out the world, and they all agree on how amazing this

accessory is and the great results it gives in just minutes.

How It Works

Step 1: Clean fullips enhancer with mild soap and water.

Step 2: We recommend lightly exfoliating lips and the surrounding area first, with a soft washcloth or soft toothbrush, to help achieve fuller results. Next, wet the area around your mouth with water.

This moisture is not necessary, but may help establish tighter suction, which is the key to a good result.

Step 3: Position your fullips enhancer over your mouth and lip area, hold in place, begin sucking short puffs of air out of enhancer.  Continue until solid suction is established and enhancer is firmly around mouth. (You may have to move it around a little to get it into position to establish tighter suction)

Step 4: Let lips relax into the enhancer. You should feel a gentle pulling. The amount of time for leaving fullips on will vary for the individual, but begin in 15-30 second increments. Use finger to help break suction.

Repeat the steps until desired fullness is reached.

Step 5:  Apply your lip cosmetics as usual.


Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers

Stop searching for the ‘Perfect Red Lipstick’ and buy Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers I’ve used it on all the below shoots and it it amazing! I hope you agree it suits all the different skin tones and colourings?

The Illamasqua Lipsticks in my kit seem to be Matt, very pigmented and dry to apply direct from the stick. I try buffing my lips first to get an even application rather than it cracking as it goes on. Some of my favourites below…

Left to right: Sangers, Luster (Glamore Collection), Shard, Eurydice, Underworld

I was hoping I had used the shade Maneater, perfect for Valentines Day or a hint towards the long awaited film 50 Shades of Grey but I’ll cover that next week :) Karen x

Illamasqua Lipsticks



Back in the studio this week and LOVED it! ‘Bridal Beauty’ gave me the perfect excuse to use my new 2015 makeup goodies. Too Faced Melted is my New Year favourite for lips – it’s a liquified, long wear lipstick. I’ve used Melted Peony but am off to order the rest of the colours. It has a thick consistency (see colour swatch) and is so easy to apply!

Jeanette Lendon Photography has captured the colours perfectly – soft, shimmering shades with the ever loved Vintage look. Which colour will you be wearing? Karen x

Too Faced Melted

Bridal wear by Shimmering Ivory Couture Bridal

Makeup Used: BASE: Illamasqua – Hydra Veil, Stila – Stay All Day Foundation. BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade. CHEEKS: Illamasqua – Sculpting Powder Duo. EYES: Stila – Eyeshadow and Magnificent Metals in Kitten, Benefit – They’re Real! Mascara, Younique – Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes.


Fairytale of Fashion

Second year on the trot, I jumped at the chance of working at St Albans Fashion Week 2014 and was privileged to be appointed ‘Head of Beauty’ WHOOP! The makeup brand I immediately asked to join me were Stila UK. Having discovered the brand when I worked at Estee Lauder Companies in 2001 I know and love their key ‘Stay All Day’ product line up.

I got to work on a series of looks for both the Advertising and Catwalk Shows, the theme being ‘Fairytale of Fashion’. I did this bearing in mind there would be over 50 models all with different skin tones, colouring and ages.


Rapunzel Makeup


Sleeping Beauty Makeup


Little Red Riding Hood Hair and Makeup

Who is your favourite?


All Photography Courtesy of Pink Soul Pictures


Stila Lipgloss

In 1939 it may have been all about Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers, but in 2014, it’s all about Dorothy’s Ruby Red Lips. Here’s how to recreate this ‘Fairytale of Fashion’ look from #SAFW2014.

All products courtesy of Stila UK, beauty sponsor for St Albans Fashion Week.

Makeup Tutorial

Once you have created your base and eyes it’s time for those glossy lips, the product I chose to use was Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss in Poppy – RRP £18.00

Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss

This is a high-shine, high pigment lip gloss. As it is there to last (and believe me it does!) it is important to apply in as few, swift strokes as possible to avoid it staining the skin.

Stila Poppy Vinyl Lipgloss
  1. Apply your base – I’ve used foundation, concealer and setting powder, then wipe your lip area clean with a makeup wipe.
  2. Use the tip of the wand to create a lipliner. In one swift movement draw a line just inside the edge of your lip from the outer corner to the cupids bow on both sides and repeat on the bottom lip.
  3. If you make an error and it goes onto the skin be sure to wipe clean, fix your base, set and start again – practice makes perfect!
  4. Fill in the lips within the line, Vinyl Lip Gloss is very gooey so you wont need to keep loading the wand with product.
  5. Check the line and fill in any gaps. If at this point there are any errors then tidy them up with foundation on a small lip liner brush working around the outside of the lip.
  6. Go out and turn some heads with your beautifully glossy ruby red lips!

Check out how to apply a dewy cheek colour a la Sleeping Beauty…

Karen x

Photography Courtesy of Pink Soul Pictures


Kendall Jenner


The question on all of our lips is ‘Will Kendall Jenner be bigger than her older sister Kim’? Modelling for Estee Lauder and having three big sisters on side can only catapult her career beyond the hemisphere – to boot, she looks and comes across as the quiet one, working on her career and doing extremely well! It must be in the genes though surely? I think the Kardashian/Jenner Mum, Kris must have the strongest, most amazing genes as she has not one, not two, but five female beauties in her clan (six including Rob)! Check out Kendall’s cute video, she seems so humble, lovely and BEAUTIFUL!

I would love to find out the colour of her nail lacquer, it’s definitely Matt and not the usual Estee Lauder High Gloss.

Pictured: Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Bittersweet, Dark Desire and Viper, RRP £14.50

Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder


I have the privilege of having two young, beautiful boys in my life and I think they have picked up their genes from my Dad… 7 years between them and the only difference in my opinion is eye colour – if I were to have a third would they end up looking different or would I end up with a Kardashian-esque clan with a rainbow of eye colours – who knows?

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder

Karen x


Discover Beauty

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This will be an on going subject that I am going to keep touching upon… #hitting30hard

Turning 30 changed everything for me – my skin, hair and general wellbeing. Ive heard this so many times from friends, clients and colleagues – it must be something to do with hormones or possibly the realisation and stress that you have to start growing up literally overnight?

I was stamped with Adult Acne by my docs, which seemed a bit ridiculous seeing as I only had 3-4 spots and red raised areas on my cheeks, admittedly they were clearly visible and unsightly and oh so sore but 3 months of pills from the doc didn’t change a thing for my skin or the way I felt about it. So, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and see if I could help myself.

Gluten free, paraben free and no synthetically produced preservatives sounded like a great start which led me to the Uber Brand. To improve my skins texture, pigmentation and keep those hormonal problems at bay I’ve been using the Uber Facial Massaging Oil every other evening mixed in with my usual face cream. I love the sound of facial oils but always worried that the ‘oil’ content would add to my problems and make my skin greasy. However, being a fast drying and hydrating oil this was not the case, it simply made my evening cream so much more luxurious.

Über Facial Massaging Oil
All Skin Types
£15.50 30ml


DID IT WORK I hear you ask… Yes, I think it has. I took the first pic of my skin back in August and then an up to date one this month (October) so you can see the change already. Alongside drinking buckets of water and cleaning my makeup off every single night the red raised and angry areas have definitely gone down and my skin is much clearer. The ingredients in the Facial Massaging Oil have a great array of properties. Jojoba helps to reduce inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties, Frankincense rejuvenates and heals, Almond Oil calms the skin, the list goes on. One ingredient that interests me a lot is Sea Kelp. I spent years working with Creme de la Mer as a brand, the ultimate in cult skin care. Sea Kelp holds the key to the ‘Miracle Broth’… I’ll definitely be researching this for you over the next few weeks. Look out for an update as I continue with my new Facial Massage Oil routine to see if my skin balances out anymore. So far, I would definitely recommend it.

Discover Beauty

Has #hitting30hard affected you?

Karen x