Kendall Jenner


The question on all of our lips is ‘Will Kendall Jenner be bigger than her older sister Kim’? Modelling for Estee Lauder and having three big sisters on side can only catapult her career beyond the hemisphere – to boot, she looks and comes across as the quiet one, working on her career and doing extremely well! It must be in the genes though surely? I think the Kardashian/Jenner Mum, Kris must have the strongest, most amazing genes as she has not one, not two, but five female beauties in her clan (six including Rob)! Check out Kendall’s cute video, she seems so humble, lovely and BEAUTIFUL!

I would love to find out the colour of her nail lacquer, it’s definitely Matt and not the usual Estee Lauder High Gloss.

Pictured: Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Bittersweet, Dark Desire and Viper, RRP £14.50

Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder


I have the privilege of having two young, beautiful boys in my life and I think they have picked up their genes from my Dad… 7 years between them and the only difference in my opinion is eye colour – if I were to have a third would they end up looking different or would I end up with a Kardashian-esque clan with a rainbow of eye colours – who knows?

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder

Karen x