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This will be an on going subject that I am going to keep touching upon… #hitting30hard

Turning 30 changed everything for me – my skin, hair and general wellbeing. Ive heard this so many times from friends, clients and colleagues – it must be something to do with hormones or possibly the realisation and stress that you have to start growing up literally overnight?

I was stamped with Adult Acne by my docs, which seemed a bit ridiculous seeing as I only had 3-4 spots and red raised areas on my cheeks, admittedly they were clearly visible and unsightly and oh so sore but 3 months of pills from the doc didn’t change a thing for my skin or the way I felt about it. So, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and see if I could help myself.

Gluten free, paraben free and no synthetically produced preservatives sounded like a great start which led me to the Uber Brand. To improve my skins texture, pigmentation and keep those hormonal problems at bay I’ve been using the Uber Facial Massaging Oil every other evening mixed in with my usual face cream. I love the sound of facial oils but always worried that the ‘oil’ content would add to my problems and make my skin greasy. However, being a fast drying and hydrating oil this was not the case, it simply made my evening cream so much more luxurious.

Über Facial Massaging Oil
All Skin Types
£15.50 30ml


DID IT WORK I hear you ask… Yes, I think it has. I took the first pic of my skin back in August and then an up to date one this month (October) so you can see the change already. Alongside drinking buckets of water and cleaning my makeup off every single night the red raised and angry areas have definitely gone down and my skin is much clearer. The ingredients in the Facial Massaging Oil have a great array of properties. Jojoba helps to reduce inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties, Frankincense rejuvenates and heals, Almond Oil calms the skin, the list goes on. One ingredient that interests me a lot is Sea Kelp. I spent years working with Creme de la Mer as a brand, the ultimate in cult skin care. Sea Kelp holds the key to the ‘Miracle Broth’… I’ll definitely be researching this for you over the next few weeks. Look out for an update as I continue with my new Facial Massage Oil routine to see if my skin balances out anymore. So far, I would definitely recommend it.

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Has #hitting30hard affected you?

Karen x